Tone Arms Without Using Weights

Tone Arms Without Using Weights
You cannot think of wearing sleeveless tops or shirts if your arms are flabby or out of shape. Arms considered one of the most attractive parts of the body, but it can be difficult to keep them in shape. Taking time out to go to the gym, spending upon the membership fees and risking yourself the several possible injuries that weight lifting often brings along may certainly turn you off at the thought of weight training.

In that case you may wonder if there is still a way to build arms that are toned.

The answer is a “yes”. By following the regimen mentioned below you will be able to flaunt your arms in those sleeveless tee-shirts in just a few weeks.

Tone Arms Without Using Weights

1. Arm Circles

Arm Circles

Stand or sit straight and lift both your arms up to the shoulder level and keep them at a 90 degree angle to your body. Now rotate them in small clockwise circles. If you are able to do 50, it is good. Now without stopping, start rotating them anti-clockwise. It is great for toning your shoulders, biceps and triceps.

2. Air Punching

Air Punching

It is a fun exercise to do, but it is lot more beneficial than fun. To do it, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and form fists with your hand. Put your hand at the level of the chest and start delivering powerful punches in the air. Extend your arms fully while punching and do it one arm at a time.Do not be forceful enough to injure your shoulders. Doing 20 with each arm is fine. This exercise not just tones your arms but is even a good stress buster.

3. Push Ups

Push Ups

For doing push ups, lie down on your stomach on a flat surface and lift your body up with the help of your palms that are on the floor. Your toes are the only other parts that stay on the floor and support your body weight. Once you lift your body till your elbows straighten, lower yourself again bending your elbows till your chest is a few inches from the ground. Do as many repetitions as you can.

To make it difficult you can either do more repetitions or do it with your palms closer together on the ground. If you feel you cannot do it at all, put your knees on the floor while doing push ups, but make sure the pressure is on the thighs and not the knees. Push ups tone the deltoids, chest and upper arms.

 The exercises above if performed ritualistically, can give satisfying results very fast.

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4. Chair Dips

Chair Dips

You would need a strong chair for this that does not slide off in between the exercise. Sit on it and keep both your palms on the chair on your sides. Now slide off the chair with your palms still at the said position such that your body is in the air supported by the arms.Lower yourself till you are 6 inches from the floor and then lift your body up to the level of the chair, your body still being in the air. You will feel the pressure on your triceps. Perform 20 repetitions of it 3 times.