Toned Arms For Women

Women often find it quite challenging to get toned arms. With right workout, consistency and the recommended balanced diet, getting toned arms for women may not be that difficult. If you have done everything for getting the perfect arms and have been unsuccessful every time, you should try out the following workouts.

These are best for women who wish to reduce extra fat and build toned muscles. However, you need to keep in mind that along with right workouts, you need to keep a watch on what you eat too. Here are some easy options for women to try out.

5 Toned Arms Workouts For Women

Modified Push-Up

A great workout for toning triceps in a short time. You need to take your position on a carpet on the floor. Rest on toes and knees comfortably. Your hands will be just in front of you. Keep your hands shoulder width apart and your fingers need to be spread.Now, tuck your abdominals slowly while your upper body is kept in a straight line. Inhale slowly and slightly lower your chin just a little above the fingertips. Exhale slowly. This might seem a little tough initially but you will improve with time.

Roll The Ball With Uneven Push-Up

This is considered to be the best workout for women who have been trying hard to tone their upper arm muscles but have failed. You can use a soccer ball, medicine ball or a heap of books for this workout. Start by getting into the plank and keep your right hand on the ball.

Your left hand will be on floor. Now, squeeze your shoulders and abs towards the floor while your elbows will be in. Push your back up and pass this ball towards the other side. You need to repeat this exercise at least 5 times for each side.

Biceps Curls

A wonderful workout which is very effective in getting toned biceps. Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your knees soft and toes can be forward. Hold a 5 pound dumbbell in your hand. Let your palms face forward. Curl the dumbbells as you exhale slowly.These should gently curl towards your chest. Inhale and slowly lower these at least 3 quarters downwards, while maintaining tension in biceps. As you get comfortable and you are able to endure, increase the weight and remember to decrease the speed of repeat.

Pilates Boxing

A great exercise to shed the sagging fat from your arms. Start the workout by standing smart with your feet kept apart. Bend your knees gradually and hinge a bit forward from the waist area. You need to maintain your neutral spine. Raise your fists towards your shoulders while your elbows are up. Now box your right hand.

Arm Circles

This is the best exercise for beginners. All you need is a pair of dumbbells. Stand while keeping your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your arms straight towards your side at the height of your shoulder. Your shoulders should be a little down. Do 20 small back circles.Keep changing directions. Once back circles are completed move ahead with forward circles. With patience and discipline women can achieve tone arms easily. So, what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks and head for the gym.


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