Top 10 Best Gatorade Energy Drinks For Boost Body

Its been 50 years when there was a research in USA that why there players and the sportsman get easily tired and exhausted then they came to know that it is just because that we sweat a lot during play or any sport so they make a research and find out there are the  two reasons which exhaust them completely that are the fluid and the electrolytes  now they start finding out  what is the best and the quickest way to get them charge so they come to know that the  Gatorade a energy drink which is easy and full of energy.

These Drinks Now Are Come In Different Flavors Here Are The Few One –

Blueberry Pomegranate

this is made up of the blueberry and the pomegranate and this is full of the acid and the mineral of the blue berry and the pomegranate had the iron content in it and this will pump up the blood flow of the human body and the blueberry gives the energy to the players.


this is most delicious flavor of the Gatorade the rain berry is not easily found the availability of this drink is not in the market however there are chemical flavor available in the market which will give you the exact taste of it. This is most suited for the sportsman and best if take at the post exercise.

Strawberry Kiwi

this is most favorite among  the teenagers and the kid this is totally a refreshment drink , in which the strawberry gives a slightly sour and the kiwi gives a sweet taste this is not so acidic so it easy to  digest and it gives you the highest amount of the energy.


this is most popular and the amazing drink this is available almost all the major markets and this fruit is of the all seasons it is bitter in taste and this is cheapest Gatorade you must try it once , people normally take it in their breakfast.

Glacier Cherry

this is actually a cold drink type of the Gatorade which has the cooling and the refreshment facility you can make it in your home also take some of the cherry and put some of the leaves of the mint and then add some of the ice and then mix it completely as the ice melt it gives you the best refreshing to whole body it is best for the daily exercises , a the amount of energy loss by this can be recover easily  by using it.

Lime Cucumber

lime cucumber is again a easily available Gatorade which charged the whole body and it is easy to make crush one lime and the cucumber together and then take the juice of it and cool it cucumber gives you the perfect refreshment properties while the lime helps to recover the energy which you have been lost  while working now a days it is available in all the stores.

Fierce Strawberry

this drink is not available in the  local you can get it only in the wall mart or the big shopping malls, as this type of strawberry is not planted much so this drink is not available but the taste , flavor and the color of this drink is unique everyone should drink it once and the refreshment you feel while  taking this is so amazing .

Ice Punch

ice punch is seems to be the water which is icy cooled in the refrigerator but there is some amount of lemon and honey also there which gives the extra energy and the taste is also good anyone can make it in the home and it is available in every single store , we can take it in the breakfast, dinner , lunch the use of this drink is different with different phases of the life.

Riptide Rush

this is some type of the chemical drink which is made of some beverages and this is most popular in the sportsman every sports persons loves to have before there performance , its light purple color and the amazing sweet flavors you will never get anywhere , this provides you the highest amount of the energy and normally it is also use in the gym athletes take it as a part of their before exercise diet.

Fruit Punch

if anyone wants a full energy package then here is the complete solution to that , this drink is made up of almost from all the fruits together all the sweetness and the bitterness is there and it is called a punch of the energy and the refreshment , this is most expensive Gatorade and the most favorite one also.


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