Top 11 Yoga Asanas For Getting Six Pack Abs


Yoga asanas are considered as a great way to help you stretch and heal the ailing muscles of the body. But what most people are not aware of is that it can also help you get six pack abs. The trick here is to fluctuate between fast and slow movements on the body, which in turn trigger off a leaner ab.

These Yoga Asanas For Six Pack Abs Are Just Right To Lose Weight And Show Off Your Dashboard Abs-

1. Boat Pose

The boat pose is one of the best yoga asanas to get 6 pack abs. For this posture, you have to lie down on the floor and then raise both legs together along with your upper body too. When doing so try to extend both hands towards the ankles. Hold this pose for 30 seconds. Then try to pulse by taking hands towards the legs for the count of 20. This works on the entire stomach including upper and lower abs.


2. Bow Pose

Another yoga pose that really works on the core muscles of the abs is the bow pose. Lie down on the stomach and then fold both the legs so that your toes are touching your butts. Now hold the right leg with right hand and the left leg with the left hand. Raise your upper body when you do so and also lift the legs off the ground, as high as you can go. Now hold this posture for 30 seconds. Again, rock back and forth after this for a count of 10.

3. Plank Pose

The plank actually comes from the yoga posture, which is a part of the sun salutation move. For this, you have to lie on the stomach and then place palms flat on the floor next to the chest. Gently raise your upper body off the floor along with lifting the lower body off the floor – placing your weight on the toes. Suck in your stomach and back, neck and lower body should be straight. Hold for 30 seconds. Now using toes and hand support try to go back and forth again for a count of 20.

4. Cobra Pose

This pose stretches the upper and lower body again to build six pack abs. For this, you have to lie on the stomach and then place palms flat on the floor next to the chest. Then raise the entire upper body off the floor, tilting your head backwards. Hold the same.

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5. Bridge Pose

For the bridge pose, you have lie down on the back and bring heels as close to butts as possible. Then place both hands near the heels and lift the entire body off the floor, with just the head touching the floor. Hold this posture for 20 seconds. Now go down again and raise your self up quickly for the count of 20.

6. Mountain Pose

The mountain pose gives the entire upper abs a good stretch. It is known for showing off your six pack abs using yoga asanas in a more positive way. Stand straight and then raise both hands above head so both palms are facing each other. Now raise the entire upper body as you stretch backwards. While doing so, lift the heels of the floor for an added stretch.

7. Side Boat Pose

This is a variation of the above boat pose. This yoga asana for six pack abs involves lying down on the floor and then raise both legs together along with your upper body too. But when doing so place right leg over the left and tilt slightly to the side. Now hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this posture on the other side too.

8. Reverse Boat Pose

This 6 pack yoga asana involves you lying down on the stomach and keeping the head on the ground. Now gently raise the upper body and legs together, so that all the pressure is there on your stomach. While doing so extend both the hands in front of you. Now hold this posture for 30 seconds. Again, rock back and forth after this for a count of 10.

9. Side Plank

The side plank involves you first getting into the basic plank, then shift your weight on the right legs and hands, keeping both feet on the ground. Now raise left hand over the head and hold. Repeat on other side. You can also cross one leg over the other and keep near stomach for added support.

10. Warrior Pose

Stand straight and then gently take back left leg right up to the butt level. Your right leg supports your body weight. Doing so extend both hands in front of you and join palms. Suck stomach in and hold the posture. Gently come back to standing position and repeat on other leg.

11. Downward Dog

Doing the downward dog involves lying down on the stomach. Now raise your butts high in the air, with neck and head almost touching the ground. Heels should be flat on the floor along with palms to support your body weight.


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