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Top 14 Fat Blasting Jumping Exercises

If you are looking for a set of exercises that blasts fat and also provides results in weight loss, then try out these jumping exercises. However, make sure that you are doing some warm up and wearing the right gear here. Else, you might just injure your legs and knees. These jumping exercises should be done with caution and make sure to have fun because it is a set that won’t take much of time, but provides awesome results-

Vertical Jumps

This one is like skipping ropes. You can do it without a rope too. The idea is to stand straight and then jump as high as you can and land on the balls of the feet.

Avoid landing on the heel to prevent back and knee injuries. You can do them as fast as you want with hands on side or rotate them like you do with jump ropes.

Side Jumps

Like with the above, you have to keep hands on side and land on the ball of your feet on this one, but instead of standing in one spot, you move from side to side. This one tones the legs and thighs along with blasting fat from your abs and butts.

Boxer Jump

For this exercise, you have to rotate both your feet first towards the left and then towards the right as you jump. The hands should be in front of the chest, in a closed fist. Hence, the boxer jump. This is ideal for toning the overall body.

Squat Jumps

Blast the fat with this high intensity workout. For this, you have to stand straight and then bring the right leg forward with a jump, then go down as much as you can, while bending the left leg too. As you go down, avoid the knees from crossing the toes. Jump over and change legs and now go down with left leg forward.

Star Jump

Make your entire body groove with this star jump exercise. For this, you have to stand straight and then jump as high as you can. When you jump spread out hands in the air and legs as wide as possible. This combines to work on the entire body.

Step Jump

For this leg exercise, you need either a step or a staircase. So what you do here is that with both legs, you jump up on the stair case and then go down again, with both feet together. It really tones and blasts fat, but should be done with caution to prevent injuries.

Knee Jumps

The high knee jump exercise combines the goodness of cardio with fat loss. Standing with feet together, jump on the left leg as you take the right knee up to the chest. Go down quickly and jump on the right leg as you bring the left knee up. Do as many reps as possible.


This jumping exercise works on the stomach and the core, while blasting fat. With feet together go down into the squat position, place both hands on the floor and then using your palms for support, kick back both legs together. Hold the posture. Then get back to bringing both legs near the hands and jump as you stand up.

Jumping Jacks

Stand with feet together and then raise both hands over the head and spread legs away from each other as you jump. Get back to posture one and then repeat. Go as fast as you can for this fat blasting move.

Criss Cross Jumps

For this, you have stand with feet together then as you jump, fold both hands or cross them one over the other and do the same with the leg, then go back to posture one and repeat on the alternate side.

Lateral Jumps

Stand straight and then take a big leap to the right side as you jump, use both hands in a free flowing motion here. Then jump back to the left side as you move and sway your arms. To intensify this move, touch the heel of the leg to the butt.

Cheerleader jump

This move involves getting or investing in a trampoline but nevertheless adds to the fat blasting motto. You can do it without a trampoline too. The idea is to spread both legs as wide as you an while jumping. Ideally the legs should be parallel to the floor as you jump. So start slow and intensify the move to give your legs a full fat blast.

Bunny Hops

A fun move that kicks the fat like no other. Jump forward as you take small hops going ahead.

Land on the ball off the feet, then come back to position one, as you jump backwards.

Pendulum Jumps

For this move, you have to move legs like a pendulum. Sway your leg first to the right side and then jump and hop as you sway it to the left side next. So your legs move like a pendulum and that added hop helps in melting fat faster.


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