Top 3 Exercises For Celebrity Like Sexy Toned Back

You do not have to spend hours in the gym or survive only on cabbages or soups to reduce that extra flab from your back. For a celebrity like sexy back, you need to workout right, get rid of all excess fat and tone your back muscles. Here are the best exercises for that sexy back you have always dreamed about.

Exercises For Celebrity Like Toned Back

Dumbbell One-Arm Overhead Squatting

A total body workout that tones your body and makes you stronger from head to feet. As you workout you target your legs and as you squat you are actually toning the lower and upper back muscles, especially with overhead lift. As you start, the dumbbell should be held in each hand. One dumbbell should be double the weight of the other. As you stand, ensure that your feet are should-width apart. The toes will be pointing straight. The lighter dumbbell needs to be firm in your non-dominant hand. The heavy dumbbell has to be between your legs. Your arms will be straight. Now pushing your hips backwards, you need to lower yourself slowly till the thighs are completely parallel to the floor. Now, hold the light dumbbell straight just above your shoulders. Tighten your upper back muscles and shoulder. Ensure that your abs are pulled and tight. Once done, rise back and get back to the starting position. Repeat two sets. 12 repetitions in every set.

Side Plank

Start with tabletop and while holding weights. Your shoulder should be stacked above the wrists. Keep your right hand gently on the floor. Rise slowly onto your toes. Slowly, raise your left arm to your side. Count three. Repeat on the other side. Start with three sets. Repeat 10 times.

Lawn Mower Workout

Start by squatting. Hold a weight at hip. The other by the opposite foot. Now pull the bottom weight upwards just as a mower. Repeat this process on the opposite side. Start with two sets. 12 repetitions in every set. As you progress and feel comfortable move slowly with great control to tone all those hard to reach back muscles. Start with lesser repetitions.Take care of your diet and sleep patterns. Workout regularly and you will get that sexy back which you had always craved for.


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