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Top 4 Reasons To Do Crunches – Benefits Of Crunches

Crunches are one of the most popular workouts which fitness freaks love to indulge in. Crunches help in building and toning abdominal muscles, help to lose fat and tone the overall body. If you have always kept away from crunches and wondered if they are actually helpful, here are a few reasons why doing crunches is going to help your fitness.

Why Crunches Are Good For You

Help In Improving Posture

Crunches help in improving balance by strengthening the abdominal muscles.  Muscles get stronger which help in improving the posture, which is vital for your body to function efficiently. You feel healthy not everyday but even during sporting events. A healthy posture with crunches means lesser muscle injure and less of back pain.

Good For Abdominal Muscle Workouts

Who does not desire a ripped set of abs? This is possible through regular workout sessions, of crunches primarily. This is the only way you can achieve your dream abs that you have always desired. Crunches help in reducing fat from abdominal muscles and tone them. However, one needs to remember that only crunches will never help in achieving six pack abs. When you do crunches on a regular basis, you are working on a small group of muscles.

This wont stand out until you combine crunches with other exercises.

Helps In Getting Relief From Constipation

People who have low levels of peristalsis suffer from constipation regularly. This is a condition when bowels do not contract quick enough to allow digested food to pass through. Doing crunches on regular basis helps in triggering bowel movement. It is known to induce bowel spasms and helps it to ‘wake up’ and pass through.

Burns Calories

Crunches help in burning lots of calories. Moderate crunches of 10 minutes, in case of a 160 pound person help in burning at least 54 calories. If 10 minutes of vigorous crunching is done, it helps in burning 98 calories. Those who are energetic and fit enough, can do 30 minutes of crunches and can burn as much as 300 calories.

However, one should never rush and start in a hurry. It should be done in sets of three, each of 12. This controlled pace is best for beginners which can be increased as per comfort level.

Try crunches if you haven’t yet started and you will feel its goodness in just a few weeks!


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