Top 5 Ankle Strengthening Exercises


Top 5 Ankle Strengthening Exercises

Ankle is the important joint that connects both the leg and foot. Having string ankles is very much important because it adds fluidity to out walking and all other activities which includes using our legs. Especially for athletes, ankles are the one which supports their high intensity activities from running to jumping.

Having strong ankles also helps the person to withstand heavy injury even after applying greater force on body. Sometimes because of heavy activities, leg sprains and fractures occur commonly and by having strong ankles can help in recovering. There are some important exercises to strengthen the ankles, read down to know more.

5 Ankle Strengthening Exercises

1. Seated Calf Raise

Seated Calf Raise

Seated Calf Raise works effectively on calves, which also conditions the soleus muscles along with achilles tendons. To start this exercise, first sit on the chair and keep your back straight. Then place your feet on the floor and rest your hands on the thighs.

Now begin to raise the heels of both legs up, so that only your toes stay on the floor. Hold a second and then slowly lower them down. Repeat the same movement for about 10 repetitions in each set.

2. Heel Drop

Heel Drop is a low intensity exercise which strengthen ankles, calves and other pectoral muscles. To start this exercise, first stand at the bottom of the stairs and place only your front half of the heel on the edge of the first step of staircase.

Heel Drop

Hold the handrail if possible to support yourselves from slipping or falling down. Now begin to drop the heels down as low as possible but do not bend your legs or knees as you do this. Then raise your heels back up to first place and repeat for about 10 repetitions.

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3. Toe Towel Crunches

If you want to work on small muscles that are present in your feet and strengthen ankles, then this exercise will suit you. You can do this exercise at your comfort, when you are seeing TV or while doing your important work.

All you need to do is place a towel on the floor and crunch the towel slowly using your toes until towel comes totally inside the feet. Then extend the towel back to the first place, at first it might be harder but with practice it will become easy. Do about 10 reps until your feel the stretch in your feet.

Toe Towel Crunches

4. Ankle Toe Tappers

You can do this exercise to train your ankles especially when you are doing some work at your desk or sitting on chair. First sit on the chair with your back straight and keep your legs on the floor.

Now begin to move your toes up slowly and then tap down back to the floor. Continue to do the tapping fast, for about 1 minute without taking breaks at beginning and later aim for more time.

Ankle Toe Tappers

5. Ankle Band Turns

Another good exercise that you can do to strengthen your ankles and you will using a band or a rope for this exercise. To start the exercise, sit on the chair with your back straight. Tie a rope under the foot of right leg and pull the rope with you hands, such that your ankles tilt to right side.

Then pull the ankle to left side by using your arms and then to right side. Once you complete doing with one leg, switch to the other leg. Do about 10 repetitions and increase your count gradually.

Ankle Band Turns