Top 5 Causes For Upper Abdomen Weight Gain

Causes For Upper Abdomen Weight Gain

There are various causes for upper abs weight gain. A lot of people think that weight gain is always related due to fat but that is not really true.

The upper abs are much leaner as compared to the lower ones because of the structure of the body and also due to ones muscular built.

Here Are The Top 5 Causes For Upper Abdomen Weight Gain-

1. Obesity

One of the most common reasons for upper abdomen weight gain is obesity. It leads to deposit of fat in the wrong places and causes acute increase in fat and muscles that leads to inch gain. This in turn makes the upper abs look more prominent and bloated.


2. Weight Gain In Lower Abs

An important aspect to keep in mind here is that the abs are one complete structure, though they are divided into several parts like upper and lower or middle. But since they are a part of the same muscular structure, gain in one part of the abs affects the other. So if you have belly fat on the lower body, gradually your upper body gets effected too.

Weight Gain In Lower Abs

3. Water Retention

Bloating is often caused because of water retention in the body. A lot of people think that the upper abs being closer to the rib cage is not prone to the same, but that is not true.

Like the rest of your body, water retention affects the upper body also.

Water Retention

4. Gas

Too much intake of fried foods and beverage or wrong eating habits leads to gas. This in turn inflates the organs and causes blasting on the upper abs along with lower abs. Gas not only causes organs to expand but also leads bloating due to gas. As you get relief from the gas, the upper body inflation stops too.


5. Muscle Growth

If you are into weight training and trying to build up body mass with exercises and other modes, then your upper body will also be affected. Upper body weight gain or upper abs tend to get wider when one does a lot of weight lifting exercises along with a high fat and protein diet. This also impacts the overall upper body structure.

Muscle Growth