Top 5 Push-Up Exercises For Workout Variations

Regular push-ups are the best exercises and a must for building a strong and sculpted body with super strong arms and core muscles. However, doing the same kind of push-ups everyday can be a bit monotonous at times. To keep people motivated, push-ups are given a bit of variation to make them different.
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  So, you can add a bit of fun and excitement to your regular push-up routines by combining different push-ups. Try the different push-up variations which are just best for your strong upper body, perfect muscles and fat loss at a quick rate.

Best Push Up Variations To Try

Band Resisted Push Ups

This is highly recommended for those who are not comfortable with body weight reps and similar training. Band resisted pushups are good for kicking your butt and toning it. Start by grabbing an end of the band in one hand. Now loop it just over your back. You can then perform all pushups which you usually do. The added advantage is that as you increase the lead on the top, the band gently tightens up. This means the triceps are activated. Not just this, the band tension forces to control the negative portion of every repetition as one descends.

Diamond Push-Up

One of the best exercises for your complete upper body, but it also targets your triceps equally effectively. Start this from the usual push up position. Your hands will be in diamond shape, comfortably on the floor beneath your chest. Your fingers should be almost touching the floor. You need to keep your elbows close your sides. Now, start lowering down as you keep your chest high. Your core should be tight. Now, raise your back up. You should be back to your original position and then repeat the process.

Drop Push Ups

These are an excellent way to guide your nervous system and help it to exert maximum possible force. As you drop from the box to the floor, the contact time is minimized with the ground.
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Your muscles and your central nervous system is forced to react quick. A lot of force is exerted in a short duration of time.


Drop Push Ups work as a good activation exercises. You can perform a set of 3-5 drops push-ups, before you start with a heavy set of bench presses. This set helps to get the nervous system of your primed and gets back your chest muscle firing. This implies you can do more of bench presses now. Remember, you need to focus on quality basically and less of quantity. You can keep the sets short if you wish and stop the exercise if you feel your body is not moving quickly.

Push-Up Plank Jumps

A complete fun variation to the regular push-ups which will add some core and plyometric work to your sessions! You can start this from your push-up position and then tighten your core as you are comfortable. Lower down into a total push-up. You can raise yourself up now, instead of going down for another push up session and just jump forward with your feet, to the direction of your hand. Now, you can again jump back to the starting position.
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You can repeat again.

Those who are just starting, should go downwards as much as they can, instead of lowering their chest as they go to the floor. This helps in building strength and toning muscles. However, one should never strain and go beyond extreme comfort levels as it can cause injuries.

Offset Close Grip Push Up Combo

An interesting push-up combo which places an additional emphasis on the triceps! This type of push-up is considered to be a lot challenging and very exciting than the close-up pushups. You need to place a kettle bell just on the side of the floor. You can start with right hand on it. Your left hand will be on the side. You can perform a pushup from this posture. Then again move your left hand and on the kettle-bell.

You can do another pushup now as per your comfort level. Your right hand can be taken off from the floor now. You can switch rounds like this. Keep doing as much as you can and how long you can continue. However, experts recommend that instead of trying out a number of sets or repetitions, you can work on specific time set. You can use a stopwatch for 30 seconds and then move as fast as youMix all these interesting push-ups in your workout routine and add excitement to your workout sessions. Your body will love the changes and you will get to see results soon enough.


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