Top 5 Sports Injuries Treatment

5 Sports Injuries Treatment

Sports injuries have become very common and can happen with anyone while playing any sports. This may affect the ligaments, joints, bones or any other part of your body. Fortunately, there are several treatments that can help you heal and get to play your favorite sports again.
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It is recommended that you immediately consult a doctor for your sports related injuries. If you are in severe pain and experiencing swelling or extreme discomfort, you may try to get some first aid done at the nearest medical center and proceed with the best suitable treatment.

The choice of treatment often differs based on the condition of the injury and other factors such as any other illness associated with the patient. However, here are some of the treatments can help treat almost all kinds of sports injuries. Some of the treatments for sports injuries include medications, heat and ice therapy and surgery.

5 Different Effective Treatments For Sports Injuries



Medications are considered to be one of the most promising methods of treating any sports injuries. Pain and swelling are some of the most common problems in any sports injury. You can find many medicines over the counters for treating these symptoms.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs are considered to be very helpful in reducing the inflammation. Acetaminophen is a very effective pain reliever that can help reduce your pain caused by sports injuries. These medicines may have some minor side effects such as stomach upset.

Ice Therapy

Applying ice on the affected area can help minimize the discomfort. It is one of the best methods of treating some of the injury symptoms like pain and swelling.

Ice Therapy

You can use an ice pack for about 15-20 minutes, if manageable on the painful part so that the discomfort can subside. If required, you can again repeat the ice therapy till the pain and inflammation reduces.

Hot And Cold Compression Therapy

Hot and cold compression can greatly help treat sports injuries. A hot compression reduces pain and relaxes the muscles. The cold compressors can minimize the inflammation caused due to the injury, causing irritation on the affected area. The hot and cold compression therapy numbs the injured part, relieving you from the acute pain and swelling.
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Compression Therapy

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Topical Analgesics

Topical analgesics that contain Salicylates often work wonders in treating pain and inflammation caused due to sports injuries. These topical analgesics contain the same ingredients that are present in aspirin, the pain reliever drug.
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These ointments are very handy and you can carry them along and apply whenever you face any sports injury.

Some of the common topical analgesics include Bengay, Sportscreme and Aspercreme.

Topical Analgesics


Surgery is often the last choice of treatment in sports injuries. However, in some of the unfortunate cases, surgery may be the only option for treating the injury.

Doctors analyze a lot of pros and cons of the situation and the effect of surgery on the patient.


When the advantages seem more than the disadvantage then only doctors proceed with the surgery. It is equally important for you to understand the different complications of the surgery and be convinced before you opt for surgery, for your sports injuries.