Top 5 Tricep Exercises For Women


Tricep Exercises For Women

Every woman wants perfectly toned triceps – who does not wish to get rid of flabby underside? Women crave for toned arms but often fail have them because they are not aware of the right toning exercises. If you are not doing the right triceps exercise, you are wasting your valuable time and energy and will certainly not get the desired result, which can be really frustrating.

A proper diet and right tricep exercises will help in achieving toned arms. So, here are some of the best triceps exercises for women.

Triceps Exercises To Try Out

1. Football Throws

Football Throws

A fun way to exercise and tone your arms. You will need a lighter weight and workout as if you are throwing a football. Do not rush while doing this and try to mimic throwing the ball.

Initially to get into the mood, you can use a football too and once you get used to it, change it to the right weight. Do not forget to twist your body for that additional extension.

2. Hanging Dips

A great exercise for your shoulder and triceps. You can use dip bars if you have them or you just do it off a bench. If you are using dip bars, you need to hang – so hold on the dip handles and then gently bend your arms while you lower your body towards the ground.

Your arms need to be at 90 degrees.

Hanging Dips

If dip bars are not available, you can dip down a bench and bend till you are at 90 degrees. Remember, that you should never go lower than this as it will give undue pressure and you will injure your shoulder. Slowly move down if you are a beginner and do not exert yourself.

3. Side Pushups

These might appear to be simple but they are not actually and require a bit of strain on your muscles. You must have done pushups but not side pushups. You need not have to keep your hips above the ground when you are doing this.

You need to ensure that you are able to push your triceps and arms properly. Most importantly, you need to feel the push which means you are doing it right.

Side Pushups

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4. Tricep Extensions

A popular tricep exercise for women which shows results in a short time. You need to lean over a bench and attach your arm to your side. Hinges need to be at the elbow and pull them from your triceps.

This exercise helps in keeping your back straight too. Do not rush – keep focus on your triceps and go slow so that you feel the contractions.

Tricep Extensions

5. Tricep Presses

Start by lying down on the floor with a set of weights as per your capacity. With a dumbbell in your each hand, you need to bring your hands by your ears slowly, never exerting yourself. The elbows will have to point straight towards the ceiling when you are lying.

Inhale while you straighten the arms and then lift your hands. Exhale while you lower the dumbbells back and relax. This can be done in sets of three of 10-12 reps. Try these tricep exercises and have wonderfully toned arms.

Tricep Presses