Top 5 Weight Lifting Programs

Weight lifting programs are important for everyone who wishes to get a strong and muscular body. An effective weight lifting program takes various important aspects into consideration. It is essential for weight lifting programs to be progressive.
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In a successful program, the main aim is to enhance your endurance, which is achieved by adding

The resistance level in a weightlifting program should challenge your level of strength to initiate the progressive weight lifting program. It is also essential for the weight lifting program to have variations.
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It must introduce different stimuli in the form of different exercises, so that the neuromuscular system keeps getting new challenges and does not remain fixed with one level of strength. In addition, a successful weight lifting program also allows plenty of time for muscle recovery.different levels of difficulties in the program by adding more weight or repetitions in the exercises.

Effective Weight Lifting Programs

1. Sets And Repetitions

To begin with the strength training, you can start with a single set consisting of 12 repetitions for every exercise. This helps in building endurance and sufficient strength.

If you can perform more than these repetitions easily, then you can add some amount of weights to your weight lifting program.

This will help in improving the muscle development with the increase in the stimuli.

Sets And Repetitions

2. Basic Technique

Follow the basic technique of strength training that helps improve the performance and reduce the associated injury risks. Begin with warming up for 5 – 10 minutes with cardio exercise before you set out for weight lifting. Make sure the weight you lift is in your control and keep breathing in and out.
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Breathe in when the weight goes down and breathe out when the weight is lifted up.

Basic Technique

3. Dumbbell Chest Press

The dumbbell chest press workout works the chest, shoulders and triceps. You may need a bench while performing this weight lifting exercise.

However, if you are unable to find any then you can lie down with face up on the floor or your bed.

Hold the dumbbell in both the hands and extend them straight up over the chest, with your palms facing towards the feet. Then, lower down the weights till the elbows come to an even position to your shoulders. You can repeat this workout.

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4. Lat Pull Down

Lat pulldown workout helps strengthen your major muscle groups of back, shoulders and arms. Hold the pull down bar handles and then pull them down as you sit. Try sliding your thighs gently beneath the knee bar and pull the handles towards your chest.

Then, stretch your arms up without raising your shoulders.

5. Squats

Squats can work all the important muscle groups of your lower body apart from the calves. Imagine that you are trying to sit on a chair and stop when the thighs are placed horizontally.

Try to line up the toes and knees, pointing towards the same direction. In this process, the back should remain flat and inclined in a forward position, so that the shoulders are placed over the heels. Step up and follow the steps again.