Top 6 Ab Exercise Equipment In Gyms For Beginners


Top 6 Ab Exercise

Gyms are loaded with a variety of equipment, which works to help in different kinds of workouts.Beginners are especially clueless when they visit the gym for the first time. It is important to know about the right equipment, which will help in working out a specific section of your body. Ab exercise equipment are specially designed, to help in working out the ab muscles and tones the body perfectly. You need to use the equipment with due care and with right guidance or you might injure yourself.

Here Are Top 6 Ab Exercise Equipment In Gym For Beginners:

1. Adjustable Sit-Up Machines

These are the best sit-up benches which are easily adjustable as per body posture. There is a scope to adjust the angle of the board. This helps in altering resistance as per the workout needs. These machines can be used for sit-ups and several other ab training purposes like twists, leg raises and also crunches.

Adjustable Sit-Up Machines

2. Ab Chairs

These are quite comfortable and the easiest machines which can be used for abdominal exercises. The structure of the chair is designed, to keep the back protected, offering complete support.

Ab Chairs help in stimulating the crunch with the help of a folding mechanism. Abs can be used for lifting the legs as and when needed. This chair also helps in good stimulation of the lower muscles.

This machine is quite suitable for beginners as this doesn’t require strong core muscles. It is also suitable for beginners with low levels of fitness.

Ab Chairs

3. Foam Roller

This is a versatile equipment just perfect for beginners who wish to workout their abdominal muscles. The roller was earlier used for getting relief from tension and tightness of the stomach muscles. It is now used primarily as a strength training tool. The foam roller helps in toning the key muscles of the abdomen, mainly for its great shape. Beginners should lie down and keep this roller just under the knees and close to the chest. They need to be in the position and get back to the start position after 10 seconds. They should do at least 10 repetitions.

Foam Roller

4. Ab Benches

These are said to be oldest forms of ab equipment which is just perfect for beginners. These are available in all gyms. The benches can be adjusted quite easily, which implies you will be able to decrease or increase the angle of a board. This is a wonderful way to bring a change in the resistance. These benches can be used for different types of ab exercises which include twists, crunches, and leg raising. This is a great tool which helps in working out the core muscles.

Ab Benches

5. Ab Wheels

This is a simple equipment which helps in training the ab muscles. This exercise is easy to use and helps in providing strong core muscles. One of the biggest advantages of using this equipment, it that along with the abdominal muscles, this equipment works on the upper body as well.

Using this equipment helps in isolating the ab muscles. This also helps in developing the lower ab muscles.

Ab Wheels

6. Bosu Balance Trainer

This is quite similar to a stability ball. It can be placed on a strong platform. You can use both the sides of this trainer for working out. The ball is usually placed on aside down and the person positions himself or herself on the ball. The stomach has to be sucked in and the core is tight. It is important to be in this position for at least 10 seconds. Beginners find it simple to use this for exercising.

Bosu Balance Trainer