Top 6 Power Yoga Moves For Losing Belly Fat

Power yoga is the secret to boosting metabolism and getting you the six pack abs that you always wanted.

Power yoga is all about doing the classic yoga moves at a fast pace and combined with some cardio. The moves that are listed below include a blend of high impact cardio that is done with faster repetitions to help you melt fat and also lose belly fat.

Here Are The Amazing Exercises:

1. Boat Pose With Crunch

Add some big moves to your basics that include a boat pose with a crunch. Doing the helps to reduce fat faster and get you close to that six pack abs feel. Lie down on the back and then raise your upper and lower body together to form a gentle V. Your legs should be together and your hands extended towards your feet as if to touch them. Now in this position try to touch your toes with your hands. Do 10 reps then hold for 20 seconds.

Boat Pose With Crunch

2. Bridge Pose With Twist

The basic bridge is highly recommended for getting a six pack as it helps to not only stretch the overall abs muscles but also provides you with some lower back moves. Lie on the back and bring feet close to the butts. Now raise the butts off the floor with heel on the floor. Take right hand extent it over your left shoulder. Repeat on other side when lifting butts again.

Bridge Pose With Twist

3. Bow Pose To Superman

For this pose, you have to lie down on your stomach. Now with your right hand hold your right ankle and do the same on the left side. Raise your head and legs off the feet together along with your head to form a bow pose.

Now release both and extend hands forward and let both legs be together and extended. Hold this posture and again get back to bow pose. This sure will help you get toned abs.

Bow Pose To Superman

4. Deep Lunge To Warrior Pose

Standing abs too works in a great way to help you lose belly fat and also get six packs. For this posture, you have to stand straight and extend right foot forward first. Bend down into a lunge and touch the ground with your hands. Now, from here get into a warrior pose – which means extending the left leg backwards and both hands forward. Do this 10 times then repeat on other leg.

Deep Lunge To Warrior Pose

5. Plank Twist

A crunch to the plank makes a better variation of the regular side plank in yoga. For this power yoga posture, you have to lie down on your right side first. Then using your right hand and heel support raise your middle body off the floor. Right hand should support your weight. If you want, fold left leg in front of right. Now using your left hand, do a crunch coming forward.

Do 10 reps and repeat on other side.

Plank Twist

6. Moving Plank

The moving plank is a great power yoga move for a six pack ab. Again, lie down on your stomach and bend both hands from the elbows. Now using your toes, and elbows raise entire body off the floor. With support of the ball of your feet, stomach sucked in – lightly take your body forward and back. Make sure muscles are contracted all of this time.

Go gently front and back for about 10 counts and then hold this move for about 20 seconds.

Moving Plank