Top 7 Weight Lifting Equipment

Weight LiftingWeight lifting equipment are very popular among people who aspire to develop a great muscular body. These equipment are available in different shapes and sizes that can suit both novice and experienced bodybuilders.

There are various gyms that have myriads of weight lifting equipment to fulfill the body building needs of both men and women body builders.

Some gyms may have two separate sections for men and women where they may keep the body building equipment separately, however, most of the gyms have a common area where these equipment are placed.

Some of the common weight lifting equipment include barbells, seated calf and cable machines. Racks, barbells and cable machines are often purchased for home usages. You can either buy different weight lifting equipment based on your specific individual needs or join a gym where you would find a variety of weight lifting equipment.

Various Weightlifting Equipment

Free Weights

Free weights are those weight lifting equipment that are free from cables, stands or pulleys. Some of the free weights are dumbbells, barbells and weight discs. These free weights fall between the weight range of 2 -75 pounds or sometimes even more.


Dumbbells are very popular for almost all types of body builders as they are very handy and useful weight lifting equipment, which can easily be used at home or gym.

Dumbbell Curls 1

They are available in a variety of materials ranging from galvanized metals to rubber.

The average weight range varies from 2 to 120 pounds per pair of dumbbells.


Kettlebells or girya is a popular cast iron weight that resembles to a cannonball attached to a small handle is used for performing ballistic exercises that often combine cardiovascular, flexibility and strength training.

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Seated Calf

Seated Calf

Seated calf is used for leg muscle building. Some of the major groups of muscles placed in the lower part of the body including calf muscles. Weights are connected to the shoulders so that you can perform squats with around the weights of 800 pounds.

Leg Presses

Vertical leg press machine allows you to lie on your back and then lift weight with your legs in a vertical or upward motion. Leg curl and extension equipment work the hamstrings and thighs.

Preacher Curl Bench

This equipment works on the upper part of the body and enables you to perform preacher curl bicep exercises while being seated.

Preacher Curl Bench

It contains of a slanted tray that is located in the front, enabling you with an elaborate range of motion.

This equipment can help both short and tall people to make use of the equipment with the help of an adjustable seat or bench.

Triceps Press Down Machines

This weight lifting equipment enables you to work the muscle group of your triceps that are placed at the rear of the arms. While being seated, you can easily push down the two handles placed on both sides of the torso.

With this equipment, you can easily work the whole back side of your arm as well as the upper rare portion of the shoulders.

These machines provide you with an option to work both biceps and triceps muscle groups just by altering the placement of the front portion of the weight bar.