Top 7 Workout Shortcuts For Muscle Building and Losing Calories

Do you feel that you have been slogging for ours in the gym, without any real results. Well the thing is that most people are not aware that there are some easy secrete workouts, which are shorter and fast. They help you gain muscles while you lose calories. Hence, you kind of race through the workout and save time. Of course, it is not for the fainthearted as it requires a lot of sprinting, speeding and energy. But the result is shorter workouts with better results. Here are some of these that will help you burn calories for a longer period of time, without trying too hard-

These Are Workout Shortcuts For Muscle Building

1.Pyramid Training

This workout will exhaust you to the core. You will have to keep exhaustion one group of muscle, by constant repetitions. The idea is that you take lighter weight but repeat more. So you should keep doing more repetitions and then gradually increase the weight. The idea is to start with lower weight and higher repetitions and then keep reducing repetitions with lower reps.

So if you do 30 reps with a 2 pound dumbbell, you will only do 10 reps with a 6 pound dumbbell.

2. Sprinting

This one is all about pushing yourself to the maximum levels and then go slow for a period of time. Again, you push yourself to the maximum level and then go slow. So basically when you are running, you run at a crazy speed for about 30 seconds, just like when you were kids or playing. Then walk or jog slowly for about 1 minute. This process should be done for at least 30 minutes. You can increase the sprinting level gradually to 1:1 and may be 2:1 at more advanced stages.

3. Tabata

Generally, tabata training can be performed with a lot of various exercises. The point is to use the regimen that gets the entire body involved. You can do tabata training using dumbels, kettle bells or other types of body weights.

What this type of training will give you is maximum results for minimum time. Originally, the very first tabata routine consisted of five minutes of warming up, eight intervals of twenty seconds of an all out intensive exercise which was followed by ten seconds of resting time. After this, you then get two minutes of cooling down. Originally, the study was conducted at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Japan.You can get effective results with Tabata exercises but only if you are performing the same in right manner.

4. Cardio Weights

Remember how much more fun zumba, aerobics or dancing is! Well it can be more fun as you build muscles and lose calories with shorter workouts. Add dumbbells to your cardio routines or even do freehand. The idea is to make the most of the both worlds. So dance around using your dumbbells and pushing yourself to the max for a smaller period of time. Keeping the spine straight, right breathing, and intervals are some of the factors which should be adhered to while performing these exercises. This also helps in preventing risk of injuries due to inappropriate postures.

5. Interval Training

This one makes use of the body weight instead of equipment in most cases. It is like a mixture of Tabata, sprinting, etc. So the sessions include different sets of cardio like jumping jacks, jump squats, spot jogging, etc. But instead of breezing through, you max your heart rate out when doing cardio. So it is 30-40 seconds of rapid jumping jacks followed by 15 seconds of rest. Then do a floor exercise like planks or push up. Then repeat the set. 20 minutes of this will help you gain muscle and lose weight.

6. Plyometrics

This workout is all about exploding the muscles and maxing out the calories burnt. For this you burn crazy calories in little time with maximum muscle output. This should be done only when you have reached a basic exercise foundation with stronger joints. The drills are usually 20-60 seconds each.

Usually 60-100 foot contacts are there in each set. But the same should not be done more than twice a week to minimise risk of injuries. Think squat jumps or quick feet.

7. Double Moves

This one makes use of the classic yoga and Pilates moves with a twist. So if you are doing a lunge posture, you mix with a lateral raise or even a quick jump lunge. The idea is to push the upper and lower body together instead of working on just one portion. So if you are doing planks, lift the legs alternatively to add more move. For bridges, raise the legs to push yourself further for reducing workout time and gaining muscle.


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