Top Cardiovascular Exercises

Top Cardiovascular ExercisesCardio exercises are the exercises in which the muscles of the body are involved in the workout that involves the increase in heart rate. Apart from burning calories, cardio exercises help the movement of blood and oxygen throughout the body. It is advisable that you must do a 30 minute workout five times in a week to benefit from Cardio exercises.

There are a variety of Cardio vascular exercises that one can select from. Some of the exercises that once can use are as follows:

Best Cardio Workouts


The impact of walking on the body is low which makes it an easiest and most convenient type of Cardio exercise.


If you are just new to the exercising, then you can start with walking and set it as your routine exercise. It requires just your walking shoes.


Jogging and running is one of the top cardiovascular exercises. It is same as walking, but with a little higher intensity. You must not force yourself into rigorous running. You must start with gradual increase in the intensity of exercise.

Aerobic dance

These dance classes have changed the perception of people towards exercise.

Aerobic dance

People are now more interested in the choreographed exercises than the conventional exercises. These exercises vary from low impact exercises to high intensity exercises.


It is one of the top cardiovascular exercises that people should use. It is best for those who carry excess weight and is good for those who have problems with the knees or hips.


It is one of the top cardiovascular exercises. It utilizes the entire upper body of the swimmer, which makes it an effective Cardio exercise.


Initially you might find difficult to maintain a steady heart rate during extended swimming session, but it will get fine after you get used to swimming. It is a good exercise for people who suffer from arthritis and joint problems.

Jumping rope

It is a good exercise that tests the coordination of a person, strengthens the bones and also improves the cardiovascular system of an individual. This exercise can be done either at home or travelling. It requires practice to learn the proper technique.

Elliptical trainer

These machines are easily available in any gym and are easy to use. Some machines make use of the upper body while some make use of the lower body.

Elliptical trainer

These machines also have an option of increasing or decreasing the angle on the legs. The impact on the joints while using this machine is very less.

Step aerobics

It is one of the most preferred exercises by women. It especially targets the hips, legs and can burn a lot of calories after a workout.


There are varieties of cardiovascular exercises that one can choose from, but the selection of an exercise depends on an individual. The selection depends on how comfortable an individual is in performing the exercises. It requires an individual’s determination to perform the exercises on a daily basis. You must increase the intensity of exercise gradually. You should keep a track of your progress on a weekly basis.

If you feel that you are not getting any benefit from the exercises followed, then you must try to change the exercises followed.