Top 5 Bodybuilding Products

5 Bodybuilding Products

If you want to build muscles fast with good workouts then it’s pretty much essential for you to take some good supplements in-order to gain muscle mass. These bodybuilding products not only help you to build muscle but they can also be used to keep-up overall health.

It’s essential to have basic idea of what products to use and how it helps you to gain mass. There are many stores available online from which you can order the required ones. Keep in mind that not all supplements work similarly to everyone since everyone’s body nature is different. Below are some of the best supplements that can help you best with muscle growth.

Top 5 Bodybuilding  Products

Optimum 100% Whey Protein (Protein Powder)

Whey Protein

Whey Protein is considered to be the best protein powder of the year. It’s has helped many bodybuilders and trainers to improve muscle mass and performance by taking whey protein in the form of shakes or supplements.

Many prefer shakes as whey protein provides the body with high proteins value and along with magnesium , calcium and even some minerals when taken in liquid form.

An intake of 40 grams of whey protein is recommended which is best taken a pre and post- workout sessions.

ProMera Sports Con-cret (Creatine)

It’s a natural substance that is present in our muscle cells. It is mainly used for cellular modulation and energy  production.

Athletes and bodybuilders rely on creatine because of it’s adversely good effects in building lean muscle mass. Since it’s naturally produced in our bodies, when athlete stops taking this supplement the creatine levels become normal in 2 – 3 weeks of time.


A dosing of 5-10 grams of this supplement is recommended. And it best taken at pre-workout session with your daily meal and during the post workout with shakes.

Body Fortress Glutamine Powder

It slows down muscle tissue breakdown during intensive workout and helps in improving strength and endurance. So as a results weight lifters can lift more weight for longer time periods and can train with weights more often. Because of this more quickly muscle mass is developed.

Glutamine also has other benefits apart from muscle repair. It increases the overall metabolism by burning more fat. And most important if you are dieting, it preserves the muscles by slowing down the entire process. Not only this but it has shown positive results in improving immune system of the body.

It is recommended to take 5 grams in the morning along with workout and post workout.


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Universal Animal Pak ( Multivitamin)

A good athlete must value or pay attention to take proper diet. Active people requires proper diet than compared with inactive people. However taking vitamins is beneficial to your body. And by taking this multivitamin, it also helps the body to absorb other supplements effectively.

Before taking a good multivitamin, its important to check what type of ingredients and amounts are used in making of the supplement. With plenty of water you can this supplement after your meal and for competitions or heavy training sessions take 2 packets.

Universal Animal Pak

BSN Hyper FX (Beta Alanine)

This supplement is used to improve endurance during workout. It’s an non essential amino acid that is derived from food sources like poultry. This supplement consists of Beta Alanine that increases molecular levels of carnosine within intake of 4 weeks.

BSN Hyper FX

Since by taking this supplement bodybuilders are prone to less muscle fatigue thus by producing less levels of lactic acid and as a result they are able to train more heavily and quickly without getting strained. Only 3 grams of this supplement intake is enough. For advanced trainers, they can take  3 grams after workout to help with muscle recovery.