Top Weight Training Exercises

Top Weight Training Exercises

The size and strength of the skeletal muscles can be increased by following strength training exercises called weight training. Eccentric and concentric contraction of the muscles are generated by opposing the force of gravity and employing certain instruments like weight stacks, weighted bars and dumbbells.

Special equipments are used in weight training exercises to target the required muscle groups and allow various types of movements. People often confuse weight training with Olympic weightlifting, bodybuilding, strongman or powerlifting.

Weight training refers to a form of exercise while all the others are sports.

Weight Training Exercises for Lower Body

1. Quadriceps

Quadriceps is located on your thigh and can be targeted by performing squat, deadlift, leg press and leg extension. Weighted squat is usually performed with barbell, but you can also use kettlebells and dumbbells.

If you are having any difficulty using free weights, you can employ resistance machines like hack squat machine or a Smith machine.

To perform the leg press, you need a leg press machine. Deadlift can be performed by using trapbar, barbell, dumbbells or the Smith machine.

The seated leg extension weight training exercise requires cable machine, dumbbell or a leg extension machine.

2. Hamstring

The one and only effective exercise for your hamstring is the leg curl. This isolation exercise can be performed by using the cable machine, dumbbell or the leg curl machine. You can also lie on the leg extension machine with your face down and use the upper rolling pad to perform leg curl.

3. Calves

Standing and the seated calf raises are the two effective weight training exercises for the calves. Standing calf raises can be performed with dumbbells, body weight, Smith machine, barbell and standing calf raise machine.

One of the major variant of the standing calf raise is the donkey calf raise.

Apart from the seated calf raise machine and barbell, the seated calf raise can also be performed on a leg press machine.

4. Hips

The muscles in your hips can be stimulated by performing hip abduction and hip adduction utilising a hip abduction and adduction machine.

Weight Training Exercises for Upper Body

5. Pectorals

The chest muscles or the pectorals can be targeted by performing bench press and chest fly. For bench press, you need bench press machine, dumbbells, barbells or Smith machine. Chest fly requires cable machine, dumbbells or a pec deck machine.

6. Lats

Lat pull down and bent over row are the two weight training exercises for your upper back or lats.

7. Deltoids

Deltoids are located in your shoulder area and can be pumped by performing weight training exercises like upright row, shoulder press, military press and lateral raise.


8. Triceps

Pushdown the cable machine or the pulldown machine bar or do triceps extension using dumbbells, barbell, triceps extension machine or the cable machine to perform weight training exercises for your triceps.

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9. Biceps

Alternating rotating dumbbell curl, preacher curl, hammer curl, standing barbell curl and the Zottmann curl are the weight training exercises for your biceps.

10. Abdominals

Crunches using crunch machine or dumbbells and leg raises with dumbbells are the popular weight training exercises for abdominal muscles.