Total Lower Body Workout For Oval Shaped Women

Oval shaped women tend to be heavier on the lower side of their body, which means that they would usually have slender shoulders and arms but would have heavier butts and thighs, which is often prone to a lot of cellulite. Hence, these women need to build comprehensive strength on their entire body with a focus on losing weight and building muscles on the lower part too. Doing just cardio will help in weight loss but not get a toned lower part, which they desire.

Here Are Some Exercises For women

1. Cardio Exercises

You can do these cards exercises in combination with any of the lower body toning exercises for shaping up your lower body. Remember to do a blend of both for best results.

Do Cardio First

2. Running/ Jogging/ Walking

This can be done on the treadmill or even on the running track or also with your regular morning or evening walk routine. However, as a rule of thumb, you should ideally walk for at least 30 minutes or do jogging and running for 20 minutes. All three exercises work on the lower body and help in toning your calves, glutes, butts and thighs all together. They also help in shaping the overall body.

Running Pyramid

3. Cycling

Women can do cycling at home on a stationary bike or even head outdoors using the regular cycle. Again, your motto is 30 minutes of cardio in a day so if you are mixing two routines then time yourself accordingly or you can also alternate routines. Ideally cycle for 30 minutes or else combine it with walking and other forms of exercises.


4. Standing Cardio

If you don’t have access to any of these machines and are unable to head outdoors to do the same, then you should try and do these standing cardio exercises. Not only are they great for an indoor workout but on the other hand can mix and match different exercises. So think of doing jumping or skipping in a spot. Then you can also do jumping jacks, which is just spread your legs out as you jump and raise both hands in the air. Standing running and jogging are also an option here. You should mix and match this with your toning workouts too.


5. Lower Body Toning

Once you are done with the cardio or if you are mixing your toning and doing cardio together. Here are some simple exercises that work for oval shaped women.


6. Side Extension Leg Raise

For this exercise, you have to lie down on your elbow on the right side of your body. Lower right leg should be straight and bring your left at a right angle to the right leg. Now raise the leg as high as you can. Do this for about 30 counts. Then switch sides and repeat on other side.


7. Fire Hydrant With Leg Extension

This is a tough exercise but it really works on your lower body including your butts, sides and also inner thighs. For this, get down on all four and then take your right knee off the floor. With the knee bent, raise it out towards your right side. Then hold for a second and then extend this leg straight out. Do this about 20 times. Repeat this on the left leg too.


8. Leg Circles

This one is an effective exercise for the lower body and helps to tone the butts, inner thighs, outer thighs and also the stomach. Lie down on your back and then raise right leg in the air as the left leg is on the floor and straight. Now take the right leg round in a big circle almost touching the floor. Do this about 20-3 times on right leg. Now lower this leg and repeat on the left side too.


9. Deep Squat Raises

This is a tough exercise that balances your entire body. You have to get into a deep squat with hands folded in front of you. Now as you go all the way down, make sure that your knees don’t cross the ankles. In this position, raise your butts off the floor till they are about 14-15 inches above, raising yourself slightly. Now get back into the deep squat again. Do this about 15-20 times.


10. Side Leg Raises

Lie down on your right side and keep the left palm flat on the floor in front of your chest. Your right hand should be under your ear to support your head. Now raise left leg in the air till it is almost perpendicular to the right one. Lower it again and do it for a count of 30-40. Then change sides and repeat on the other leg.