9 Treatment For A Pulled Groin Muscle

 Treatment For A Pulled Groin Muscle

A groin pull is a muscle injury that takes place in the inner thighs. These muscles are also called as the adductor muscles. The adductor muscles play an important role especially if you are into contact sports like soccer, sprinting and swimming.


Groin pulls need not be major. Sometimes small muscle fibre tears occur which cause the muscle to strain. In this, the bulk of the muscle tissue remains intact. How you treat the groin pull depends on the severity of the muscle pull or tear.

Here are some of the following treatment strategies.

Treatment For A Pulled Groin Muscle

1. Rest

Rest is vital to treat a groin pull. If the pull is major, avoid any kind of physical exertion that may cause strain to the muscle.


2. Stretching

Stretch out those muscles in case of a groin pull. Seek the help of a fitness trainer who will make you do some specific stretching exercises to relieve the muscle pull.

Sometimes the pull is so minor; it is relieved with gentle stretching.


3. Apply Ice

If your groin pull is accompanied by pain and swelling, it is a good idea to apply ice at the area to bring the swelling down. Do this for a few hours. The ice also numbs the area and reduces the sensation of pain. Keep icing the area even as the muscle pull begins to heal. The more ice you apply to the area, the faster the pull will heal.

Apply Ice

4. Heat Application

You can also use gentle heat to help loosen the muscle. This is important especially if you have an important physical activity due to take place.

Heat Application

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5. Anti-inflammatory Medication

Take some anti-inflammatory medication to get relief from pain especially if it becomes intense. Over the counter pain relief should help you in some ways.

Anti-inflammatory Medication

6. Taping the Groin

Another effective technique to pain reduction is taping the groin. This is a technique, which most athletes follow just before a crucial match.

By taping and immobilizing the groin muscle, there are lesser chances of further damage especially in cases of physical exertion.

Taping the Groin

7. Engage In Thigh Strengthening Exercises

Men and women who are into competitive sports must engage in lower body workouts and strength training.This will help the adductor muscles to become strong, toned, and prevent them from being injured during play.

Engage In Thigh Strengthening Exercises

8. Elevating the Leg

Elevating the leg that has the injury is an effective way of immobilizing the muscle pull. This allows the muscle to get rest and recuperation as it heals. Keep icing the area even as you elevate the leg.

Elevating the Leg

9. See a Doctor

A severe muscle pull should not be ignored. See a doctor right away who may recommend specific muscle relaxing medicines to bring the pain down. At times ligament pulls are so serious, that they may need surgery and advanced physiotherapy.

Watch any cricket star and you see most of them coming down with serious groin pulls. However, this should not deter you from playing your favourite sport. Just keep the muscles stretched and exercised with some beneficial weight training.

See a Doctor