6 Treatment For A Pulled Lower Back Muscle

 Treatment For A Pulled Lower Back Muscle

If you have stretched your lower back muscle beyond its limits or torn the muscle fibres then it is called a pulled lower back muscle. Stress upon the lower back muscle is quite common and there are plenty of home treatments that can be applied upon the pulled muscle for faster recovery.

However, if the injury is quite serious then you would definitely require a surgery to repair the tears.
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The following points are the treatments that you can perform to quickly heal your pulled lower back muscle.

How To Treat A Pulled Lower Back Muscle

1. Ice Treatment

Ice Treatment

Immediately after you have experienced the muscle pull apply ice to the injured spot. If you are not having a readymade sealable ice pack, then use a towel to wrap the ice.

The best way to apply the ice therapy to your lower back muscles is by lying down on your stomach and placing the pack over the injured muscles. After every 3 to 4 hours, leave the pack in its place for fifteen to twenty minutes.

2. Heating Pad

The heat treatment must be applied alternately with the ice pack. As a reaction to the muscle pull, the muscles get tightened.
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Allow 20 minutes of alternate treatment to relax the tight muscles and also reduce the inflammation at the same time.

Heating Pad

3. Bandage

The most flexible part of your body is your back. If you want to heal the pain in your lower back muscles, you need to immobilize it at first by using an elastic bandage. Simply wrap the bandage around your waist and provide some time to the injured muscle to heal while you perform your daily activities.

Start wrapping the bandage from the lower part of your back and wrap upward. If you are feeling quite uncomfortable then you can loosen the wrap. An elastic wraparound may even fail to alleviate the pain. In this case use stiffer brace so that your muscles are completely immobilized.
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4. Rest

Resting for a longer period of time is extremely necessary to allow the pain to subside at a faster rate. The lower back muscles are the most active muscle groups in your body and are subjected to constant contraction and relaxation even when you are not working out.

Try to avoid picking up something that bends your spine beyond its endurance limit.
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Lying down on the floor with the lower part of your feet resting upon an elevated surface like a pillow or chair so much so that your knees are slightly bent, helps to relieve the weight off your back muscles. However, take a walk around the room every couple of hours to make sure that your muscles are not weakened.
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5. Drugs

Pain relieving anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen are quite safer and help in reducing the inflammation at a faster rate.


6. Regaining Strength

After a few days of rest, ice and compression treatment, gradually start using your back muscles. Move and bend your waist as much as you can until you attain the full range of motion. It will take as much as 4 to 6 weeks to completely heal the sprained or pulled lower back muscles.

Regaining Strength