7 Treatment For A Pulled Quad Muscle

 Treatment For A Pulled Quad Muscle

The large muscle group in front of your thigh is the quadriceps. The quadriceps comprises of four muscles. The weight of your entire upper body is endured by the quadriceps. Huge amount of stress builds upon these muscles when you indulge in sudden bursts of speed.

The sports that involve this type of strenuous physical activity invite injuries like pulled quad muscles. Athletes like basketball players and runners are vulnerable to such injuries.

However, you should perform stretching and strengthening exercises on a daily basis to relax your muscles and make them stronger to absorb sudden physical stresses.

How To Treat A Pulled Quadricep Muscle

1. Rest

You should immediately stop the activities that led to this injury and provide some rest to your injured muscles. There are several symptoms related to a pulled quad muscle and they depend upon the severity of the injury. Simple swelling accompanied by slight discomfort while fully bending the knees or bending them against some resistance indicates a pulled quad muscle. If you are experiencing severe pain, consult a doctor and employ a walking aid like crutches until your doctor recommends something else.


2. Ice

Icing the pulled quad muscle prevents inflammation and if you are unable to get some ice at the time of injury, you can also wrap a frozen vegetable with a towel and apply it to the affected area. Direct contact with the ice may cause frostbites. Use a sealable ice pack or ice wrapped in a towel as a compression treatment for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Allow 20 minutes to warm up before re-applying the pack.

Treat the pulled quad muscles 3 to 4 times. This will not only fight swelling, but will also reduce the pain immediately.


3. Bandage

Use a thigh supporter or an elastic bandage to compress the injured quad muscles. Wrapping the bandage too tightly may hinder blood circulation and lead to numbness. Immobilize the injured muscle for the next 2 days using the wraparound and if it is necessary, you can also take over-the-counter drugs to alleviate the pain.


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4. Elevation

Elevating the leg higher than your heart will help to prevent swelling. After the injury, sit in a comfortable place and remain in this position for the next 24 hours.


5. Restoration

You can get back to your exercising the very next day if you feel mild or no pain while walking. However, you should decrease the intensity of the workouts that involve the quad muscles.



6. Heating Pad

Before you get on with your stretching and exercising apply heating pad for 20 minutes to relax the muscles. The precautions are the same as in case of an ice pack treatment.

Heating Pad

7. Stretching

Make sure that the swelling has completely subsided before you stretch the pulled quad muscle. Stretching must be included in your warm-up and cool-down routine in order to avoid future pulls. You should not push the injured muscle to aggravate the pain.

You should be very cautious and steady while you perform the stretching exercises. If the pain persists even after 48 hours of home treatment and rest then you should visit your general physician.