3 Tricep Muscle Injury Symptoms

Tricep Muscle Injury Symptoms

If you have been facing problems while stretching your arm and have a doubt that you either have a muscle pull or any other form of muscle damage then you should be familiar with the triceps muscle injury symptoms in order to match them up with the problems you are facing to have a clear vision about the setback.

The tricep is basically a three headed arm muscle that is known more precisely by its Latin name, that is, triceps brachii muscles. This muscle solely facilitates the extension of the elbow joints of a human, thus leading to the hindrance free stretching of arms but if this muscle gets injured by any means, you would face trouble in freely moving your arm.

Though the injuries are mainly caused by the lifting up of heavy weights, the other problems like obesity, unhygienic diet, over development of biceps and negligence during the warming up session before instigating the heavy exercises could also increase the risk factor. Stated below are some of the common indicators of a tricep injury that could otherwise be easily overlooked:

Tricep Muscle Injury Symptoms 

1. Throbbing In The Muscles

Throbbing In The Muscles

The first thing you would notice is severe pain in the upper back area of your arm that would erupt promptly whenever you would try to stretch your arm.Though tenderness is a symptom for many other ailments also,

it could be distinguished by mere discomfort that would result due to the physical exertion in case there is no injury.You can lower the pain by applying ice cubes or an ointment prescribed by your doctor to treat your pains.

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2. Enlargement Of Upper Back Part Of The Arm

In case you have a tricep injury, you would notice inflammation and redness in your arm. The swelling could be located anywhere from near the shoulder area at the back of the arm to the upper part of the elbow. Though it could be treated by applying ice on the swelled area frequently, consult a doctor if the swelling is severe or near the elbow as it could also indicate the damage of tendons that connect the bones of arm to the triceps.

Enlargement Of Upper Back Part Of The Arm

3. Faulty Working Of Arm

The tricep muscle injury symptoms also include the feel of weak spot. If you have a muscle injury in the biceps, you are deemed to feel the weakness in the affected part of your body.
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Causing an immediate reaction, the damage would cause your arm to restrict its stretching movement. You would feel colossal pain if you try to move your arm.
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Make sure to provide your arm as much rest as possible and wait till the injury is completely healed before resuming to the gradual extension of your arm.

Having known the tricep muscle injury symptoms, you should make it a point to consult a doctor as soon as you detect these warning signs emerging in the back part of your upper arm. Caused by the repetitive movements of the arms, make sure that you refrain yourself from moving the arm frequently during your healing period as it could lead to even more destruction in the muscles.

Faulty Working Of Arm