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Upper Body Exercises For Teenage Beginners

Fitness comes by working on it and the best place to work out is the gym. If you are a teenager you are ready to go to the gym and start working out there.
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Do not worry about the myths that float around about working out is not good before 18 and so on. By teenage you have enough hormones in your body to develop your muscles and if you start it now, you will be able to gain a good shape in pretty less time since your body is growing rapidly now. But do not start exercising without knowing about them.
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In the following video you can see the needed guidance for teenagers to start out with different exercises for the upper body such as bench press, tricep extension, bicep curl, trap shrugs etc. These are standard gym workouts, but you should start with less weight as shown in the video. Our upper body houses the major muscle groups and these exercises, work on all the different muscle groups of the upper body and give you the desired muscular cuts.
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Also in the end, the trainer answers the common questions that a teenager or a beginner might have about working out at a gym.


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