5 Useful Gym Exercises Program

5 Useful Gym Exercises Program

Gym has become hugely popular among today’s generation as their day won’t be complete without knocking the doors of the gym. Gym is mostly for muscle building or losing weight to look slim and fit. It is equally significant and personal approach mainly for the guys to improve themselves in gym. They can execute workouts for six-pack and eight-pack abs or proper toning of their body or add progress in their timing while training practice.

They can decide on a 5 day program and carry it off very well with various gym lifting heavyweights which develop a 5*5 plan for compound actions along with elevated 8 to 12 repetitions for accessory actions.

In this program the repetition goal system is utilized and intended which they can practice for a longer period of time till they have achieved the results.

Only thing they require is their hard work and consistent struggle for evolution. Thus five days workout chart can again be repeated the next week after a gap of two days in between. We’ve discussed valuable gym exercises program that you can start doing whole-heartedly.

5 Various Gym Exercises Program

Monday Gym Exercises

upper trapezius muscles

You can start your gym session exercises from Monday. Firstly you begin doing deadlifts where your muscles will be stretched with repeat goal 25 in 5 sets. Secondly you practice shrugs using barbell or dumbbells which will expand your upper trapezius muscles (for 3 sets and rep goals are 24).

Thirdly you perform seated row exercise where muscles are reinforced with a rowing machine as you drag your arms towards the body and it also supports your spine (3 sets, 36 reps).
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Fourthly try out face pulls (3 sets, 36 reps) where you pull the handle of a pulley towards your your face. Lastly you can do planks for 3 sets, 1 rep.

Tuesday Gym Exercises

On the next day you can practice military press exercise for 5 sets and repetition goal should be 25 in which the deltoid muscles are targeted in the shoulders and the triceps. Jump to Arnold press with dumbbell where shoulders and triceps are concentrated (3 sets, 24 reps).

Lateral exercise

Then you can follow front lateral raises for 3 sets and 36 reps should be done.

Lastly you can stick to 3 sets of side lateral raises for 36 reps. Lateral exercises focus on your shoulders.

Wednesday Day 3 Gym Exercises

On the third row you can turn up to barbell rows exercise where you reinfoirce your upper-back, lower-back and traps (5 sets for 25 reps). You can then do pull ups for 3 sets and continue for 24 reps.

pull ups

You can now to switch to barbell curls with barbell with spotlight on biceps and forearms (3 sets, 36 reps) and lastly execute back machine exercises to erect a stronger back (3 sets, 36 reps).

Thursday Day 4 Gym Exercises

On this day you can perform flat bench exercise (5 sets 25 reps); incline bench exercise (3 sets, 24 reps); close grip bench press exercise (3 sets, 36 reps) and tricep extension exercise (3 sets, 36 reps). The above bench exercises will assist you for an excellent strength-training workout and tricep extensions focus on your triceps.

tricep extension exercise

Friday Day 5 Gym Exercises

On this day you can focus on squats for 5 sets, 25 reps. Here you put strength in many leg muscles with the help of a long bar. Then pause a bit and continue with calf raises for 3 sets, 24 reps. You can try out hamstring curls exercise (3 sets, 36 reps), leg extensions (3 sets, 36 reps) and planks (3 sets, 1 exercise).

leg extensions

Calf raises are performed with barbell which exercises tibialis posterior, gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of lower legs; in hamstring curl exercise you improve your hamstring curls with a pulley; and leg extensions you aim on the quadriceps muscles in the legs. Hence, people can see a drastic change in their body when they experiment the above gym exercises program thoroughly.