5 Ways To Build Ankle Muscles

Ways To Build Ankle Muscles

You can practice a number of exercises if you expect to build appropriate ankle muscles. You can easily develop small ankle muscles by following proper workout regime.

Keeping ankle muscles strong holds its own benefits since whenever an athlete is performing jumping or running activities, the associated muscles suffer from a huge degree of strain.

How To Build Ankle Muscles

Maintaining strong ankle muscles is beneficial since these muscles can maintain a great degree of strength prior one sustains injury.

Best Possible Ankle Muscle Strengthening Exercises

A few of the best possible ways to build desired ankle muscles are highlighted below:

1. Balance Training Activities

Plantar Flexion
Scissor Hops
Standing Squat Jumps

 Balance Training Activities

2. Bounding


Practicing with ankle weights is certainly one of the other unsurpassed possible ways to build ankle muscles. In this type of ankle muscle strengthening exercise, it is compulsory to balance and fold with a pair of dumbbells. You can expect to gain more potency in the ankles provided you are willing to take up more weight.

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3. Build Ankle Muscles Through Bounding

Build Ankle Muscles Through Bounding

Bounding is one of the best exercises for calves that can bring about positive results in the shortest time span. In this form of ankle strengthening exercise, it becomes mandatory to take massive bounding steps too.It is necessary to perform the repetition of the large bounding steps in fifty percent of the maximum speed.  It is necessary to practice the repetition at a distance of approximately 50-fts.

4. Practice Standing Squat Jumps And Scissor Hops

Practice Standing Squat Jumps and Scissor Hops

Practice standing squat jumps can help to build perfect ankle muscles. While practicing this particular type of exercise for calves, it becomes mandatory to start in quarter squat position. It is necessary to take a jump from that particular position and make a soft landing.In order to practice the scissor hops exercise, it becomes necessary to start in a lunge position. In this type of ankle muscle strengthening exercise, it becomes all the more necessary to switch feet and the opposite foot must be in a forward direction.

5. Calf Raise And Plantar Flexion Strengthens Your Ankle Muscles

Calf Raise

Calf raise is definitely one of the ankle weight exercises that toughen muscles surrounding the ankle. You can practice this type of ankle strengthening exercise seated in two different positions. The other benefits with this type of ankle muscle strengthening exercise remains in the fact that it is possible to practice this exercise at a standing position too.

Plantar Flexion if practiced on a regular basis helps to strengthen muscles surrounding the ankle as well. If you expect to gain the best possible results and anticipate in taking a step forward towards building strong ankle muscles then it is necessary to perform as many as three steps of twenty each.

Apart from the above-mentioned ankle weight exercises that you can always practice to gain the best possible results, plyometric workouts can also help you a lot. Regularity is a must if you expect to gain the best possible results.