5 Ways To Prevent And Treat Muscle Cramps

Prevent And Treat Muscle Cramps

Taking care of muscles in order to prevent muscle cramps is an important part of a person’s healthcare routine. Equally important is knowing how to treat muscle cramps which may arise from reasons as diverse as having exercised improperly to having strained and stressed muscles while sleeping in a certain position for a prolonged period of time.

Therefore, while preventing muscle cramps by taking adequate precautions is very important, what is equally essential is knowing how to deal with a muscle cramp should one arise. Muscle cramps are simply the body’s way of complaining about excessive stress and strain on the muscles. Care needs to be taken to ensure that muscle cramps are prevented, or treated effectively.

Preventing And Treating Muscle Cramps

Take Adequate Precautions

Take Adequate Precautions

Some of the precautions which can be taken in order to prevent muscle cramps include ensuring adequate warm up before exercise, preventing overexertion, and ensuring that you consume enough water. When the environment is very hot, care should be taken that you remain properly hydrated in order to avoid muscle cramps.There are many cases where muscle cramps have resulted from temperature differentials.

So, in order to avoid muscle cramps due to extreme heat, adequate amounts of water should be drunk and efforts should be made to be properly armed against overexposure to heat. Treat muscle cramps by ensuring that you cease any activities which are causing the cramps.

Ensure Adequate Intake Of Nutrients

Ensure Adequate Intake Of Nutrients

Vitamins such as Potassium are the key to preventing muscle cramps. There needs to be adequate intake of food nutrients and nutrition is an effective way to guard against muscle cramps. Eat healthy and nutritious meals. Eating a well balanced diet with essential vitamins can be an effective way to safeguard against muscle cramps.

This can even be a way to prevent muscle cramps for extended periods of time. Ensure that you eat a balanced diet also in order to treat any muscle cramps that may be occurring due to lack of vitamins and electrolytes in your body.

Keys To Preventing Muscle Cramps

Maintaining proper hydration

The ways to prevent muscle cramps include giving proper rest intervals during exercise to prevent overexertion and ensuring that you are aware of the temperature of the environment you are working out in. Maintaining proper hydration and nutrition are also keys to prevent muscle cramps.Preventing muscle cramps is very important as this can affect the state of the muscles of the body and having cramps can stand in the way of a healthy and happy life.

Treating Muscle Cramps

Treating Muscle Cramps

If you do experience muscle cramps, effective treatment involves cessation of the exercise which caused the cramp in the first place, if muscle cramps are due to a particular exercise. Also, you can apply hot or cold compress on the area of the body where the muscle cramps are being experienced.Treat yourself to a gentle and soothing massage to treat and cure muscle cramps.
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Painful muscle cramps can also be treated by placing ice packs on the part of the body where the cramps are occurring.

Apply heat to tightened muscles and cold compress to the sore muscles.
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This is a good way to ease painful muscle cramps

Ways To Manage Muscle Cramp

Ways To Manage Muscle Cramp

Some of the ways in which muscle cramps can be managed include contracting of muscles, passive stretching, icing of affected area and massage. Contracting muscles is based on the fundamental principle of reciprocal inhibition. Contracting muscles on the opposite side of the cramped muscles is a good way to counter muscle cramps.
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For example, contract the quadriceps to counter muscle cramps in the hamstrings.

Preventing and treating muscle cramps is a very important part of taking care of one’s fitness. Managing muscle cramps through effective prevention and treatment is a vital part of a person’s healthcare regimen. There needs to be awareness of the causes of muscle cramps and ways to counter this. Muscle cramps are a common problem not only for athletes, but also for the average person. Care should be taken to ensure that muscle cramps are countered effectively.