4 Weight Benches For Bodybuilding

While pumping irons it should be kept in mind that your well built body structure is not compromised by the minor muscle injuries or cramps. Though this may seem ‘minor’ at present but in future it can take the form of a larger disability restraining your workout charts.

Lifting heavy weights not only strains your arm’s muscles but also your back muscles including Thoracolumbar fascia. A belt around your waist though provides some support to your vulnerable spinal cord, but the safest method is to use a weight bench. However, there are other purposes related to the use of the four new different weight benches available in the market. Let us now take a closer look at these benches and see how they serve to our needs.

4 Weight Benches For Bodybuilding

PowerBlock SportBench

The tubing that upholsters the tapering cushions has dimensions of 2 x 3 inches and thickness of 14 Gauge. The bench also comprises of two separate cushions for the seat and the back pad. The advantage or rather the uniqueness of the bench is depicted by the adjustable seat pad. It can be slanted backwards in the inclination position so that the users do not slip forward while lifting heavy weights. The inclined bench uses no detachable parts as they are prone to getting misplaced or lost.

The back pad has five adjustable positions starting from the flat or 0 degree to 30, 45, 60 degrees and even the military inclination position. The height of the pad from the floor is 16 inches in flat position.

The total length is 50 inches and the widest part of the bench that is the resting portion for the back leg measures 21 inches.

PowerLine Ab Bench

Compared to other ab machines in the market this bench boasts of covering the full abdominal range guaranteeing prominent six-pack abs and obliques on usage. The curved surface of the back pad with 30 degrees back and front moving leverage system from the centre helps in stretching the abdominal muscles to an extent of 60 degrees from the rest position.The stable and robust foundation of the bench comprises of heavy gauge welded steel construction on all the four sides. The steel mainframe measures 2 x 3 inches and is accompanied by durable pads for the seat and the back from DuraFirm offering comfort as well as stability for a perfect posture.

The chrome weight carrier is capable of accepting Olympic plates while the wide ball bearing sealed inside the pulley offers excellent freedom of movement required for oblique exercises. This bench can also be used for triceps extensions.

Powerline Preacher Curl Bench

For a well shaped thicker bicep the best exercise is bicep curling. While lifting heavy weights many bodybuilders resort to shortcut cheats like uneven elbow bends or jerks leading to elbow stress.The Preacher Curl Bench not only eliminates such cheating but also offers adjustable seat to suit every user.

Travel Bench

The 14 Gauge steel tubing for the bench has dimensions of 2 x 3 inches and comes with detent pin to hold the folding legs. The bench in upright flat position measures 40 x 9.5 x 15 inches and folds to a height of 8 inches only.


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