6 Weight Training Exercises

Weight Training Exercises
The list Weight training exercises includes a large variety of workouts that will boost your muscle improvement. It will help you in several ways to strengthen your muscles and developing the mass of your body.

Some of the exercises will surely boost your metabolism and shed the amount of fat in your body.

The body requires the exercises to be done in a proper way in order to obtain a remarkable health over a short time.

6 List Of Weight Training Exercises

Pull Ups To Build Arms

Pull Ups To Build Arms

Pull ups can be of much help if you want to build greater arms and also the shoulders and back. It is performed grabbing a set bar along with your arms extended so that the body is fully suspended. Pull yourself up and then lower down.

Repeat this performance as much as you can.
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Try this exercise daily with at least 3-4 sets and you will surely be noticed that the growth is inevitable. For the continuation of better weight training exercises, start with this particular exercise.

Bench Press And Dips To Develop Arms, Shoulders And Chest

Bench Press

Bench press is one of the vital muscle building exercises you must know about. It may be done by the use of dumbbells and barbells.
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It not only develops the arms, but also makes a vast improvement in building shoulders and chest as well

Among the best weight training exercises, another exercise that also helps in developing these muscles is the dips. To perform this exercise, you will need a parallel bar that will guide your system weight and is done by bending the elbows, lowering and raising the body accordingly.

Dead-lifts Is Important As Well


This exercise can be carried out by using barbell and can be done by grasping it through the floor. For the accomplishment of his performance, maintain the back in a straight manner and look up.

Dead lifts are among the best weight training exercises and can enhance your back in a tremendous way lowers the risk of back injuries.

Bent Over Rows For Arms And Shoulders

Bent Over Rows For Arms And Shoulders

Bent over rows can be carried out mostly to strengthen the muscles of your arms and shoulders. You will find three different ways to execute this exercise and also in different postures.

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Perform Squats To Develop The Lower Parts

Perform Squats

Squats can be performed for better development of the lower parts including legs, buttocks and also the back.

It is the most anabolic exercise among the best weight training exercises that can be proved beneficial for body enhancement. It energizes the natural growth hormones of your body more than any other exercises.

Performing A Clean And Press Exercise

Press Exercise

It is another simple exercise to be practiced to develop your body any further. All you must do is hold the barbell in your squat position and utilize your legs to lift your body up to the shoulder level. Repeat the set as much as you can

Performance of these exercises will surely generate your energy, strength and endurance. These are the basic performances you can do it in your home or gym if you like to.

These exercises do not contain any side harms and can be proved more beneficial.