8 Workout Equipment Suitable For Home

There are a few workout equipment that are specifically used at home. The workout equipment that has to be used at home are categorized by some as essential and optional. The home gym equipment that are considered as essential are cardio, dumbbell set, pull-up bar and cushion.

The optional home workout equipment include lifting straps, footstool, push-up stand, bench, progress measurement devices and hanging abdominal straps. Other equipment for gym at home can include kettle bells, rowing machines, spin exercise bicycles, elliptical trainers, free weights, home treadmills, step machines, recumbent cycles and balance balls and trainers.

8 Best Workout Equipment Suitable For Home

Pull-Up Bar

This instrument is used for performing an essential exercise for the upper body region. If anyone seriously wants to do bodybuilding and perform workout at home or if there is no such place at home to do pull-ups then it is better to look for such a place or build a ceiling retractable pull-up bar.

The other workout equipment include a no-mar and a pull-up bar mounted at the doorway. These pull-up bars can be obtained from online stores or from big box stores.

Dumbbell Set

Among many exercises, the exercise associated with dumbbells will be resourceful and appropriate. The dumbbell set can be kept at some corner of the house and they will not be a problem for you to store or reuse.

They can be bought for cheaper rate as an already used set rather than a new one which does not make any difference. The dumbbell set that is made up of solid metal plates with handles will help in the removal of plates quickly.

Cardio Equipment

If anyone wants to perform cardio, a pair of running shoes have to be bought. A bike can be bought for cycling purpose which is a very good cardio exercise. Bike with gears is not advisable as it will arise maintenance problems. The bike is useful for us to save time and avoid many other complications that we might encounter while cycling on the roads.

The bike option will help us to do more exercise.

The bike has to accommodate the user to raise the seat height to the required level. It is difficult to manage with the knees if the seat height is below the normal desired level. Jumping rope also can be used as a great option for doing cardio exercise. All these cardio equipment can be obtained from the sports goods stores.


The knees are protected by using nice cushion during your exercise with dumbbell rows and other exercises.

Lifting Straps

These are useful when the user is performing lunges with the aid of heavy weights. The lifting straps are useful when the wrists give out first prior to the back while doing pull-ups. The lifting straps can be bought from the local sports goods stores or from an online store.

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This instrument can be bought for doing lunges and raising the calves. This tool is prepared in 7th grade shop class and the user has to assure whether it is sturdy or not while buying it.

Push-Up Stand

The push-up stand will help the user to perform push-ups avoiding any damage to the hands and wrists. A set of octagonal dumbbells can also be used in their place.


The benches are convenient and handy while they tend to occupy lot of space. Benches are used for performing preacher curls, leg extensions, inclines and leg curls. Flat press on bench and flat press on dumbbell can be performed by keeping the body flat directly on the ground.


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