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Yoga Poses For Good Sleep – Post Dinner Exercises

After a stressful day at home or at work, what anyone needs is an uninterrupted sleep at night.  However, too much exhaustion, stress or anxiety can deprive you of sleep and you might spend the whole night tossing and turning. Yoga has a solution for all those who suffer from sleep disorders and spend most of the hours wide awake. There are some effective post dinner poses which help in assuring a good nights sleep. If you have been suffering from sleep related problems for long, try these once and you will surely benefit.

Yoga For Good Sleep At Night Post Dinner

Deep Breathing

Practice deep breathing for at least 10 minutes before you sleep. Deep breathing is a practice which helps in calming the mind, stabilizing and strengthening the nervous system. You need to sit comfortably and breathe in and out at least 25 times at a stretch. Repeat these 25 sets at least thrice. It will help you sleep uninterruptedly.

Legs Up On Wall Pose

Start by lying down on back comfortably. You should ensure that there is a wall close by which you will use as a support for your legs. You will then slowly lift your legs one by one towards the wall. Your feet shall rest on wall. Keep your arms on sides and your palms shall face up.

Close your eyes, feel calm and count your breaths. This will relax your mind. You can stay in this pose as long as you feel comfortable and then bring down your legs. This helps in relaxing tired legs. It increases the blood supply to brain and helps in getting relief from mild headache. Free blood circulation in the body will help in releasing tension and help you sleep.

Hero Pose

A simple pose which induces sleep and helps you to enjoy uninterrupted sleep. Start by sitting in Japanese style. Keep your knees bent and legs will be fold underneath comfortably. The top of feet will be flat on floor. Your spine shall be straight with your head and shoulders in alignment. If this seems a bit difficult and you feel some discomfort, you can keep a pillow between your feet. You can rest your buttocks on this pillow. Hero pose is effective in calming down and relaxing the mind. It helps in gaining emotional stability by stimulating many pressure points on feet. This helps in total body relaxation.

Camel Pose

Camel Pose after dinner helps in easy digestion with a good sleep. It also helps in relaxing the back muscles. Come down to knees. Keep your legs at a distance. Your hands will be on hips. Keep your thumbs on sacrum which is the plate just below the spine. Your hips will be on knees. Rotate the thighs internally as you squeeze them to one another. Inhale as you will engage the lower belly to slowly move towards the knees. Inhale and lift up and bring your elbows close to one another. You will feel an expansion of the rib cage. As you keep your chest raised and the core engaged. Your chin shall be tucked in as you move hands to your heels. Press your heels as you drape your fingers on soles. Lift the shoulders so that muscles in your shoulder blades slowly rise and cushion the spine. Lower the head and gaze down. To finish you will bring your chin back and hands on your hips. Your hands shall support the lower back as you get back.

Child Pose

This pose also helps in easy digestion and reduces stomach bloating. It is the best exercise to be done after dinner. Start from the kneeling position. You will slowly tuck down your chest towards the thighs. Your forehead shall be on floor.

Your arms shall be straight by the side of your body. Take some slow breaths in this position. Stay in this position for at least 10 seconds. Repeat again.

Forward Bend Standing

Stand in a relaxed position as you start the exercise. Keep your feet some distance away from one another. Fold forward from your hips. You will reach the fingertips to the ground at this stage. Slightly bend from your legs. You should rest your chest on thighs.

You need to bend your arms and hold your elbows but using opposite hands. Your upper body shall relax completely. You can use your fingertips to flip through your hair. You will remove unwanted stress from the body.

This exercise will help you feel relaxed, comfortable and induce peaceful sleep after dinner. Regular practice offers several benefits, especially to those who suffer from chronic sleep related problems.


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